Metal detectors and under-search mirrors



Metal Detectors 

  • Detect the region without blind spots in uniformity LCD display and remote control operation.  
  • precise positioning: six overlapped detection regions, sound and light alarm simultaneously and the both sides
  • column indicator lights can directly show the position of targets
  •  Modular design: installation convenience and easy to rule out failure
  • self diagnosis functions: built-in self-diagnosis procedures, power-on self test
  • microprocessor technology: more flexible control, the control panel can programme all default parameters to meet the users' various applications requirements complex circuit design,
  • infrared devices,computer automatic identification,can effectively reduces false positives and omissions pass through rate and alarm frequency counting function DSP digital signal processing

Under car search mirror tec-v3

Under car search mirror tec-v3 is a of non-friable acrvic instead of ordinary glass plated mercury and has the following features:

  • The mirror plate is made with specialty which makes it not easy to break, durable.
  • it has an adjustable hand-held rod which ranges from 46cm to 88cm.
  • the unique folding design brings it helps in spacing and portability.

Under car search mirror tec-v4

 Specifications: Mirror:

  • 30* 30 cm square high-intensity shatter proof acrylic mirror,
  •   convex-shaped two-fold amplification effect
  •  1/2 weight as the an ordinary glass mirror of the same size,
  • with certain toughness, not easy to break, safe and durable, the brightness is as the mirror.
  • PS at the bottom can effectively prevent damage to the mirror caused by the collision.
  • .detect minimum height 10cm


  • retractable rod.
  • 170 degrees joint flip change to maximizing probe depth into the vehicles and goods,lacoste shrapnel, plastic ring pairs of the insurance position
  • using high-quality aluminum structures and several high- intensity processing, light, strong and beautiful.  



Scanners Metal detectors


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