Automatic Steel Sliding Gates and Motors

 At locations such as public housing, office, factory, etc. the vehicle crossings can be controlled by the automation of the sliding doors; standard motors produced based on the wing weight of the sliding doors are supplied as a set. Besides standard speed motors, special production very fast motors are also available. They have motherboards designed with micro-processor architecture compatible with all dry contact output. Sliding doors can be manufactured both with rails )rail sliding type ( and without rails )floating type ( by means of special sets. Passing safety can be ensured with photocell and detector. Flashing warning light indicates that the door is in motion




High Security Iron Automatic Sliding Doors

High security sliding gates, hydraulic motor elecrto-echanic type automatic sliding gates, production in desired impact resistance, size and colori red - green traffic lights, photocell and loop dedector securty sensors.

Automatic Swing Gates

These doors also called circular garden gates, are especially preferred at garden entrances of detached houses, main entrances of business places such as factories and warehouses, and parking entrances of buildings. Thanks to the remote control system used in the implemented automation, users can open and close their garden gates in a safe and controlled man-ner without leaving their houses or vehicles and being affected by external factors such as cold, rain, snow, mud, wind, storm, etc. Single and double wing doors can be implemented. Based on the project, they can be opened up to 90 degrees. They can be used manu-ally in case of power failure. Automatic closing with sa-fety sensor and anti-accident safety measure available. Flashing light during opening and closing the door prevents possible dangerous situations.

Dorma Automatic Sliding Door Operator

The superior heavy duty automatic door operator

The AL 501 is the ultimate heavy duty deluxe automatic door operator, engineered to accommodate the extremes of automatic door control. Its unique rubber mounted stainless steel tracking system and heavy duty cowl provide the ultimate in product longevity, load capacity (500kg Max.) and installation alternatives.

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