Automatic Manual Revolving Door


Automatic revolving door systems with photocell-radar that we manufacture and install can be classified in 3 groups in terms of the number of wings:


1( 2-wing revolving doors with complete glass or aluminum wings


2( 3-wing revolving doors with complete glass or aluminum wings


3( 4-wing revolving doors with complete glass or aluminum wings


Automatic drive unit can be operated in 2 different modes:


1( Automatic 1: The door starts to open as the user approaches. And at the end of the set time, it stops at its initial position.


2( Automatic 2: Door rotates constantly for once in every minute. The speed is tripled if the user enters the revolving door area. Revolving door speed is restored as the user leaves the door area.



Automatic Glass Doors with Circular Photocell 

They are used at market and gallery entrances in order to ease busy customer traffic and provide a wider space at required crossing and narrow door areas by a single fixed-wing and 2 and 3 wings opening by sliding onto the first wing. Telescopic sliding doors with photocell provide the best solutions in narrow areas with their positions, ease of use and applicability to all types of architectural detail.

Automatic Slide Operator

The slim Header design allows the doors to be mounted closer to the center of gravity and this creates a better balanced operation as well as allowing smoother acceleration, smoother braking and longer roller life.

LED display will show error codes in which it is possible to establish historic performance and error data, such as the amount of times power failure has occurred as well as how many programming changes have been made since the initial installation. Numerous other error code devices can also be established from this useful feature
A unique new Ferrite Chip based upon the FRAM concept (Flash Random Access Memory), controls input data into the control box. Using the FRAM systems, is it possible to write and re-write operational control settings up to 10 Billion times. If the power is turned off, the FRAM system allows memory retention of control box settings for up to 10 years.

Dorma Automatic Sliding Door Operator

The superior heavy duty automatic door operator

The AL 501 is the ultimate heavy duty deluxe automatic door operator, engineered to accommodate the extremes of automatic door control. Its unique rubber mounted stainless steel tracking system and heavy duty cowl provide the ultimate in product longevity, load capacity (500kg Max.) and installation alternatives.

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