Spike Barrier

Spike barrier system is a barrier system designed with the purpose of preventing forbidden and unauthorized vehicle access at gates and security areas. The spikes are made of steel by means of laser cutting machines, heat-treated spikes are very hard and very sharp. Complete body is also made of steel and manufactured as one piece in plasma cutting machines. Single piece body is not affected by summer and winter conditions and provides the advantage of being flexible.

High Security Swing Hydraulic Arm Barrier

High security sliding gates, hydraulic motor electro mechanic type automatic sliding gates, production in desired impact resistance, size and color red-green traffic lights, photocell and loop detector security sensors.

Auto Swing Arm Barrier

It is the type of barrier used at gate entrances of military facilities, public institutions, police stations, banks, embassies, power plants and garages requiring high security. They operate hydraulically. They are capable of blocking land attacks with heavy duty vehicles. They can be manufactured in one piece up to 6 meters length. They are compatible with all kinds of dry contact output. When they are operated by means of the hydraulic system, the risk of deterioration or failure is negligibly small

Gaff Barrier/ Bollards

Gaff barrier is designed to stop the vehicles from passing through private premises. Due to its strong body and dynamic design it has the ability to stop vehicles. Opens and closes in seconds.
Thanks to many superior properties such as automatic closing, photocell safety, traffic light, remote control, automatic opening upon detecting vehicles and engine protection systems, it will keep your security and comfort at the maximum level

Portable Trap Barriers

Abundant spare parts, the desired extent production, 40 ton axle load resistance, ST-37 heat treated steel needle, cosmetic camouflage coating or PVC, unbreakable polyurethane rubber elastic body. 2 year warranty.

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