Research and Development Centre

Our Research Centre in at our Headquaters in nairobi develops and serve a big number of projects kenya. Our aim is to offer a unique, well designed and functional Security systems. In reality, our brief is actually much broader than mere product development. It is to create a security system that fits our clients needs.

The Security Technology

We often say that it is the security projects that gives Swift ARM Solutions l.t.d its identity In the this region , In terms of scope, we design for a total solution, in order to offer high-end quality equipments and services for every part of the system, both in- and out of doors.

Our main processes start and end with the customer. They are defined by customer needs and should lead to customer success.

our work areas are :

System developer

The system developer has comprehensive control over creating new products and developing existing ones, based on customer needs, we design the system equipments, electronic boards and softwares

System Engineers

The system engineers are fully responsible for all technical aspects in the product development process.

System equipments editor

The system equipments editor ensures the customer has all the operating informations and training documents they need to install and operate the system.

System support

The system support team is responsible for the quality of the development process from the initial phase to end customer.

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